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2 min readApr 8, 2022


Great things on the horizon Immortls….NFTs, Immortl Wallet Beta, and more…

Genesis NFTs

We hope this message finds you all well Immortls! We are excited to announce that we are getting closer to our Genesis NFT Collection Launch! These NFTs will come with special perks for holders. Some of these perks include, but not limited to:

  • Gives a holder access to enter/play the One Senso game
  • Holders will have access to upgrades in One Senso
  • Gives you access to certain card level tiers (our future payment cards, think Mastercard/Visa)
  • Gives holders access to the genesis program
  • Gives holders access to the genesis staking pools

Here is a sneak peek of our Genesis Collection.

NFT Genesis Program —

Immortl Wallet Beta

Beta is LIVE for the Immortl Web Wallet! While the wallet is functional, we ask that you DON’T import an existing wallet or process transactions. We would absolutely love users to check it out and please join our discord to give us any feedback as we continue improvements to the v1 wallet. You can set up an initial account at

Fractional NFT Ownership

We also have exciting news that we are working on building out fractional NFT ownership and community input for our One Nation Cafe. Our Flagship Cafe is open and running in Munich, Germany. We are exploring something that no one else has ever put into concept. Having a chance at owning a portion of a real-life business. We will be releasing more information on this as things progress and are truly excited to bring this into reality.

You can learn more about our cafe at

In Closing

We can't wait to continue bringing you new information as we achieve our milestones. We truly appreciate the support from our community, until our next update…Keep it real Immortls. It’s a Lifestyle.

-ONE Immortl Team



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