One Immortl and Polygon Guild Munich going emission free

One Immortl
1 min readNov 5, 2022

NRverse helps Polygon Guild Munich offset carbon emissions

Polygon Guild Munich and NRverse are teaming up to cut down on carbon emissions.
As Polygon Guild Munich at the One Nation Cafe in Munich, Germany begins to take a foothold in the region, team leadership have begun discussing how they can offset their own carbon emissions.

In the spirit of paving the way for a more sustainable earth, Polygon Guild Munich and NRVerse are working together to make sure there is a tomorrow worth celebrating.

NRverse GmbH i.G. is a German venture with activities around the globe providing decarbonizing services through energy attribute certificates, and specializing in blockchain and metaverse technologies.

Though still working out the details, team leadership says they plan to be 100% carbon offset within the next year.

Read more about NRverse at, and check in here for more updates.



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