One-Immortl closing in on NFT launch date

It’s not just a Loyalty Program — It’s a Lifestyle — #WeAreImmortl

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2 min readJun 2, 2022


A successful month can be marked in a few ways; This month was full of well-timed, unique successes resulting in the stabilization and continuation of our project.

As we all know, the market has been a wild ride for the worst recently. Despite scary market conditions, efforts from the One-Immortl team have halted the token’s descent and established a baseline we can work with moving forward.

As we draw nearer to the launch of our fractionalized NFTs and franchise expansion into the United States and Dubai, the low points in the market have given us time to recognize our place in the crypto universe, and proven we can survive and thrive through the worst. The One-Immortl system is still in its infancy, but the implications that come with the developments on the horizon are massive.

In the last month alone, owners Dennis Stolper and Kellen Miller have attended a number of AMAs with the Polygon and Safemoon communities, as well as conducted site visits for potential cafe locations in Dubai. Additionally, Immortl is now tradeable on Sushiswap.

The One-Immortl team has secured partnerships with these massive projects in the crypto space, and have live events planned sponsored by the likes of BMW, Coca-Cola, and Red Bull this Summer in Munich, Germany.

About our fractionalized, dividend-yielding NFTs-

The first round of NFTs will be distributed through giveaways and sold at a discount in the interest of testing out the dividend payout process. Additional NFT series will be released as more cafes open across the map.

The unique debut NFT series will yield real-world dividends from profits gained from brick-and-mortar cafes. The first series will be directly linked to the flagship One-Nation Cafe in Munich, Germany.

“This is just the start,” said owner Dennis Stopler in an interview with Polygon Studios. “This is not an idea that we want to keep to ourselves. We want to share this innovation with the NFT world and revolutionize the way people think about NFTs.”



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