Polygon Guild Munich Speakers Announced

Web3 experts all in one place to speak and answer questions in person

One Immortl
4 min readOct 21, 2022

The speakers for Polygon Guild Munich’s debut event at the One Nation Cafe were chosen based on their blockchain experience and web3 expertise. Between them are decades of tech experience and crypto knowledge, that they’re willing to share for the betterment of the defi space.

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Julian Boyce

Julian’s journey into Web3 began with a passive interest in financial inclusion to a full-blown career change focused on decentralized finance. His most current interests are finding ways to move traditional financial models to Web3.

Michael Bjeski

Started algorithmic crypto trading in 2017 and has been involved in building cloud architecture to aggregate centralized exchange data. Michael has since moved to working on fair Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) extraction and decentralized algo trading

Sandro Stark

Sandro Stark is Founder and General Partner of Vanagon Ventures, a VCfirm focused on investments in early stage blockchain startups. After spending nearly 6 years working at Microsoft as the Strategist for emerging technologies he founded his own startup — a solution for the still nascent NFT market in early 2017. He then joined Allianz SE as the Innovation Lead to build the first blockchain-powered platform for corporate-insurance workflows. He and his team now scout and invest in the most promising startups and help founders with product, strategic GTM and scale. Sandro holds a Master of Science in Management from Imperial College London and lives in Munich, Germany with his wife and kid.

Alex Roitzsch

Founder and General Partner of Vanagon Ventures, a VCfirm focused on investments in early stage blockchain startups.

Matthias Heininger

“In bitcoin’s / blockchain’s early stages (2010) I started a bitcoin faucet called “fiveminutecoin”. Since then I constantly updated my curious mind with blockchain news and knowledge. After gathering several skills as a software developer, together with my awesome team we started a company called ‘Crypto Tree GmbH’. Within several projects, we constantly try to educate people about this unavoidable technology and spread the usage and especially the acceptance of crypto assets.”

Sam Almandawi

“Cryptos have been a term to me for a long time. I’ve never really dealt with it because I never knew how. My focus for the past two years has been on becoming a Network Marketing Professional, where I have been able to build a team of over 400 people. Now I have made the decision to gain a foothold in the crypto area.”

Nico Rindermann

“At the age of 12 I already knew that I wanted to become a software developer. With now over 13 years industry experience in Machine programming, Industrial Image Recognition and ERP Software, I found my way into crypto and web3. After coding dApps and Smart Contracts for multiple Protocols I started working as Advisor and Developer for OneImmortl.”

Alexander Abstreiter

Alexander is the founder of AwesomeQA, solving customer support for web3 companies, such as Aave, Dune, Poap, Rarible. He views decentralized communities as a powerful tool for advancing our society and technological research by lowering the barrier to entry and giving everybody the freedom to choose their mission. Alexander is also part of the PretzelDAO, a local community of web3 builders in Munich.



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