Presale on PinkSale

One Immortl
2 min readFeb 10, 2023

One Immortl will relaunch a V2 token on PinkSale

February 12th — First presale

February 26th — Second presale

First presale:

  • Total of 12,000,000 tokens will be available
  • Min Buy 0.1 BNB | Max Buy: 3 BNB
  • 48 hour sale

Second presale:

  • Total of 16,000,000 tokens will be available
  • Available at a 25% higher price
  • Further details to be determined
  1. The presale will be raised in BNB on the Binance Smart Chain and given an IOU token. Investors will be airdropped the equivalent amount in IMRTL on the MATIC network.
  2. Current trading of the V1 Immortl token is paused as current liquidity will be added to the new liquidity pair on MATIC. Funds raised from the presale will be additionally added to the liquidity being brought over.
  3. Snapshots has been documented of current token holders on Harmony, Binance Smart Chain, and MATIC of the IMRTL token which could be bridged via Multichain. Current V1 IMRTL holders of the Immortl token will be airdropped the dollar equivalent in Immortl tokens of what they currently hold. This is a great way for current holders to benefit from the presale and get even more value from their…



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