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3 min readOct 13, 2022

Attendees get free crypto, swag, food, and drinks, all on the house

Munich, GERMANY, October 12, 2022— Polygon Guilds are popping up across the world, and the latest, Polygon Munich, is kicking off with a debut event in Munich, Germany in celebration of the formation of the Polygon Munich Guild.
The live event will take place on Oct. 29 at the One Nation café, in Munich, Germany. One Nation café, owned by One Immortl, is to be Polygon Munich’s headquarters. All of the area’s guild events will be held at the café.

Drinks and snacks for the event are on the house by ways of the Immortl Wallet. Attendees will be airdropped special Polygon Guild tokens to use as payment with the Immortl Wallet. the and While they network and make new connections across the developing Polygon world, attendees will witness first-hand just how easy payments can be made in web3. Additionally, users of the wallet will test the incredible features of the Immortl wallet: A multichain wallet with an user-friendly dashboard interface for wallet holdings and charts, DEX Aggregator providing the best rates for token swaps across chains, as well as fiat on- and off-ramping.

Polygon Guild events are an opportunity to take your involvement in your favorite projects to the next level. The first Polygon Munich Guild event is tailored towards individuals interested in web3. All are welcome and encouraged to stop by and get a taste of what the words “blockchain” and “web3” is all about. The aim of this event is to connect diversity, creativity and education centered around blockchain and grow overall awareness in the Munich and surrounding areas of Germany.

“This will be a great example of how crypto will be used in the future,” claimed Denis Stolper, the owner of One Nation café and One Immortl. “All-in-one payment systems for merchants worldwide, and NFTs with real world businesses backing them.”

“This is the first of a series of monthly events at this location. Guild events will, for lack of a better term, be parties,” laughed Stolper in an interview.

But the main goal is to create an informational environment where blockchain and web3 addicts, and aspiring nerds, will have the chance to network and learn what…

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